Friday, August 18, 2006

Male Plume

Most women are attracted to men who are good conversationlists and have a sense of humor. Musical ability is a definite plus. Turns out that all of those attributes are a function of a good brain and as such good genes - the human equivalent of a flashy plume or tail.

Brains are like the Dow Jones index, which is an accessible and generally trustworthy gauge of a complex system because its rooted in a number of important stocks.

So males strut their stuff by crooning, being witty, and speaking well, while the females use these clues to sort out the best one to take home to mom and dad.

Unfortuntaley the absence of a "real" plume may work to the disadvantage of the human female because the male of her heart's desire may have atended charm school to learn his bag of tricks. Those perfect bon mots could breathe their last on the walk down the aisle.


SFGary said...

Its interesting you say that because it seems historically women chose men for their ability to bring home the "bacon", so to speak, and to give them strong children.

So where can I find these women you speak of? there seems to be a shortage of them in the coast...

Heartcrossings said...

SFG - From my own experience it seems that men who have the intelligence and humor to be interesting know what they are worth and use it exclusively to play games.

The chances of bringing them home to the parents is quite non-existent :)