Sunday, January 07, 2007

Personals Phraseology

It’s too bad this dude got flagged down by CL users but some his interpretations of personal ad phraseology is definitely worth a chuckle and maybe more (via Ang's Wierd Ideas). This strongly tempts me to do one of these lists from a woman's POV.

* Strong woman - Bitch with a severe case of self entitlement.
* Classy - Bitchy 45 year old real estate agent type.
* Seeking gentleman - Looking for rich guy who isn't interested in sex.
* World traveler - would love to go to Europe as long as you're buying.
* Intelligent - She isn't but thinks she is, and you'd better entertain her.
* Rubenesque - Fat
* Sarcastic - Bought into the whole Gen X irony thing and is really a miserable bore to hang out with.
* Make me laugh - You're expected to be highly entertaining right away.
* Sick of bar scene - She doesn't get hit on at bars due to one or more physical flaws.
* Friends first - Reformed slut
* Tired of games/jerks - I fucked and sucked my way through fifteen counties, but now I want a docile schmuck to pay my bills and not pester me for sex.
* Shapely - Fat
* BBW - Grossly, morbidly obese (Bring Burgers With)
* Must like kids - I want a putz who will break his ass paying for another man's cast off progeny.
* Loves the Outdoors - Closet Lesbo
* Snuggling and Warm Fires - No Sex
* Enjoys Traveling - You're paying, right?
* Fun Loving - Fucked 100 guys
* Meaningful Relationship - Slavery
* Nurturing - Smothering
* Sassy - Insufferable by the third date.
* Bubbly - All fuckin happy all the damn time to the point of annoying.
* No games! - I won't put up with your games, but I will gladly infuriate you with mine.
* Eccentric or quirky - Psycho...
* Grown up man - Sucker willing to marry and support my lazy fat ass.
* Financially Secure - You should own about 200,000 shares of MSFT.


ggop said...

CL lists are funny, even with the misogyny. I'm laughing at the fun loving interpretation. Can you imagine interpreting a ad like this?

You got to come up with a list from a woman's point of view. There were some gems in the best of CL last year on different categories of men.


Heartcrossings said...

Hey gg - Would love to read about the different categories of men. Do you have the link to that post ?

Prerona said...

nice :)
Happy New Year