Thursday, May 17, 2007

Inspiration In Negatives

I am a long time fan of Waiterrant's blog but this post is possibly among his best thus far. The theme is one of looking into the negatives in your life for inspiration and uncover opportunity.

I think a lot of us do so unconsciously and as a result don't savor the fruit of our labor quite as much. If we were to approach every negative aspect of our life to actively seek inspiration from it, what we made of those opportunities could make us a lot more happier. There would be a greater sense of accomplishment.

Almost related to this is a allowing a feeling of resignation take over - not in a negative or defeatist sense though. It is about surrender to forces much larger than you - to some that would be God and let that determine your life's true north.

When I was younger I resisted, tried to control and change what I believed I should and could be able to. As I grow older, I fight less and give in more. The humility that the process demands is yet to come but that might be a work in progress.

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