Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Imagine Myself In Time by Jane Hirshfield

I love to read and re-read Jane Hirshfield's poems and some lines become favorites like these from her poem I Imagine Myself In Time

Perplexed by my life as Midas was in his world of sudden metal,
surprised that it was not as he'd expected, as he had asked.

I wonder how one may overcome the perplexion that comes from looking at the outcome of dreams and desires of long ago. Wishes made fervently without fearing consequence or causation. Wishes fulfilled in complex and unimagined ways.

Wishes with outcomes that make you wonder if you
really have the power to wish your wish or if the unseen hand of karma forces you to make them. I love to think of her Midas reference as a metaphor for the loveless, lifeless prisons we sometimes find ourselves trapped in our single-minded pursuit of that one thing that makes our lives worth living.

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