Friday, December 21, 2007

The Girls

She calls them "my girls" and is very much in awe of her endowments. When that is the case, people around both male and female can usually tell. The subject of her boobs comes up in casual conversation often and quite effortlessly. Recently she was stopped for speeding on her way to work and got in late. While recounting the episode she asked jokingly if we thought flashing the young cop "her girls" may have gotten her off the hook. There was a lot of snickering when one guy mimed the cop's reaction to the unexpected display.

Her "poor" younger sister who is squat and flat, recently gifted her a silk blouse that flatters her generous curves. Apparently she had bought it for herself but did not like how it sat on her and gave it to someone who could wear it better. It was interesting how this sister is treated as an object of sympathy and condescension even when she has a few advanced degrees and a job that pays very well. Both her kids are in college and she is married to her high-school sweetheart who is doing very well for himself as a dentist. They have a nice house in the burbs that is close to being paid off. Not such a shabby a life one would think.

Yet for the want of a decent rack she turns into an object of pity from her sister who is a high school drop-out, a teen mother who by her own admission has married several times for money but has never been able to lay her hands on any of it. In her late forties, she lives in someone's half-finished basement and is trying to finish college and "find" herself. The only nice clothes she has are the ones her sister's hand me downs.

I guess it is all about balance. The squat and flat sister has accomplished enough in life to not need a sizable chest to buttress her self worth. For the other sister, her substantial chest is apparently enough to offset everything that she does not have. It makes for an interesting equation and is a testament to the amazing power of adipose tissue around a pair of glands.

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