Sunday, December 23, 2007

Odds And Ends

Read this amazing interview with science fiction writer John Sladek. I have hardly read any SF - I find all the gizomology and futurology way too intimidating to come close to the story itself. But after reading this interview, I am tempted to give one of Sladek's books a shot.

Thanks to being exposed to the retail excesses of the season and some of the theme-park style holiday decorations we see in the neighborhood, J is missing the obvious lack of "holiday spirit" in our household. I could have stood up a tree in the corner of the living room but she would have wanted to go the whole nine-yards and I don't even know what that entails. Truth be told am not too keen on finding out and creating more work for myself.

As a compromise, we snuggled in the couch ate apples and checked out some Epicurious videos on the holiday cooking - chocolate, gingerbread houses, cookies and the like. J loves almost anything to do with cooking so this worked out quite well. As an unexpected bonus, we got to chance to see this Alice Waters feature titled Edible Schoolyard. It is a wonderful idea and how I wish it grew popular and became part of every child's public school experience.


ggop said...

Wishing you and J a great holiday season and New Year! Yes, Alice Waters is doing good work - she has her critics who say its not affordable or practical to shop local etc. but I think as Indians who escaped the megamart onslaught invading the metros at the moment, we can completely relate.

H said...

ggop - A very happy New Year to you too ! If only there were more options to shop local.. In my neck of the woods WalMart reigns supreme.