Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Polite Criticism

Nicecritic is a lot like the self-destructing message I had blogged about a a while back. Several other services have appeared on the scene since. A message from Nicecritic is not always bad news - one category in the list is also Anonymous Praise

While the idea is a good one, it has the potential of being abused. Imagine, the school bully spamming a hapless kid with unkind messages and doing so anonymously. The site does have some safeguards to prevent that from happening.

The more connected we get and easier our communications tools become, the more we want seem to want to hide behind annonymizing services.

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Vikas Gupta said...

Hey thanks!

I always had wanted to find out something like this but it had always escaped my mind.

I tried it; sent many messages to many (including one to you!). I complimented Anubhuti on her great hair who is mad about her hair (she is also a follower of your blog).

Found many other similar services too but probably none as smart as Nicecritic (wish there were no straitjackets).

The self-destructing message I sent myself went to spam (gmail)!

I'll send many messages to many in future (including some good-for-nothing professors in my university)!

BTW note2email is a good service too! "Note2email is a web application designed to send quick text notes to any email address in the world.

When browsing the Internet from an untrusted network or an office computer it can be unsafe to type in the email account password. This tool was designed to help users send themselves email notes without logging in to their email account. For more security the user has the option to encrypt the content of the message and the encryption key is stored nowhere."

Thanks once again.