Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Recommended By Crowds

There is so much to read and watch yet so little time. Every poor choice has a cost. It is nice to have a little help discovering what you might find most interesting. Fictionmenu offers just such a service. "This website's main purpose is to help you discover new books and movies".

Having watched or read something that provokes a blog post, what better than being able to write in your handwriting. For a cost, anyone can have a font created out of their own handwriting. Though what I pass for "handwriting" could just as easily be served by wingdings and be just as easy to read.

As far as recommendations go, you can only be as sure as you are of the tastes of the individuals recommending and the efficacy of the technology used to collate and present it. Just because a book fits the description of the kind of thing you like reading does not mean it will be. The net you cast may be too wide or too narrow but never exactly right.

For instance, the combination of keywords such as gangs, sociology and Chicago would never resonate with me and I would miss out on discovering and reading the most fascinating
Gang Leader for a Day : A Rouge Sociologist Takes to the Streets.

I've often been well rewarded by picking up a book quite randomly at the library. It is something I've done for as long as I can remember and my choices seem to have paid better dividends over time though I am not sure why.

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