Thursday, May 29, 2008

Songs About Aggravations

I am a habitual misplacer of things and my memory is like a sieve. It takes a sizeable rock of an experience to be retained. I always thought of this as an aggravation and then I heard Lorraine Feather - she sings about them and makes the whole annoying business of losing your keys quite delightful.

I was listening to her songs on the way to J's music lesson. Needless to say, I was running just a little late thanks to bad planning earlier in the morning - it is a malaise closely related to constantly misplacing. Her choice of themes combined with the comedic element of her lyrics and the crystalline purity of her voice made me think about the importance of perspective in life.

Listening to "We Appreciate Your Patience" ,a song about being on permanent hold with a with a non-human appreciating our patience with call centers makes you smile at a very familiar annoyance.

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