Friday, June 13, 2008


Could not but help ponder the myraid of contradictions reading about blu-ray makeup and the concept of Pooristan on the same day. The author makes a compelling case for the nation of the "Bottom Billion"

“What the world needs is an economic superpower that represents the interests of the world’s poor: Call it Pooristan.”

Elsewhere however, life happens in high definition and to that end, Cargo Cosmetics has created a blush/highlighter that "contains Photochromatic Pigments that adjust to all lighting conditions"

When you consider the Blu-Ray make-up wearing, high-powered, semi-celibrity news reader recounting the horrific circumstances in Darfur or flood-ravanged Yangoon, the need for a Pooristan becomes self-evident. The author quotes writer Lant Pritchett while concluding the essay :

Pritchett calls the world’s least fortunate countries “zombies.” Because their people are trapped by the lack of economic prospects, they are the equivalent of the living dead.Pooristan would change all that. It would allow the poor to break out of the little prisons that masquerade as nation-states. And eventually the world’s rich would clamor to get in.

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