Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Natural Paintings

Found these extraordinary images via Mefi of faces and bodies used as canvass with natural elements to embellish and decorate. Each picture rivals the best in art and fashion of the "civilized" world. So delicately twined to nature, it is hard to separate art from real life, man-made from the natural. There is possibly no better to represent what oneness with nature is all about. What's best is these human paintings are so unusual and unique that they would be tough to enhance digitally.

While it is easy to inspired by these beautiful people and their exquisite art, it is impossible to recreate the effect in a world outsider theirs. Even little urban children with all their natural creativity still intact (a long shot given their proximity to popular culture) cannot come near close. Maybe there is no ornament quite as stunning as absolute innocence. So while the Omo Valley people and other like them who still live in and with nature will look magical, the rest of us who try to imitate them will end up being sorry caricatures.

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Anonymous said...

i wish i could be as innocent as omo valley people and feel the oneness with nature