Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dream By Dawn

After a very long time, I dreamt of P early last morning. So real and lifelike was the dream that I had trouble orienting to my real world after I woke up. It is said that dreams of dawn come true. As beautiful as this one was, it is so completely improbable that will not meet reality even at a grazing tangent. Yet once, it might have been and I did not want it - now that it cannot be, I wonder what if. More than ten years ago, P disappeared like pebble into the depths of an immense lake. At the time, there was not much to see or feel. The ripples on the lake were gentle, graceful and dignified just like everything about P was. 

We had each taken a separate branch on our fork of the road not knowing then how far apart that would cause us to diverge over time. What is more there would be no way to connect once - only for old time's sake. I have more than a few things to tell my precious yet castaway pebble that were either not said or worse said all wrong in the callowness of youth. Not that they would mean anything to today, or undo what was done then. 

I like to believe that P had something left to say as well and so these recurring dreams - everyone once in a great while, seeming to bear great significance and always a thing of incomparable beauty that shines like bright sun on the cloudiest of my days. Writing this on my blog feels a lot like floating the earthern lamp that devotees set afloat on the Ganga for their wish to come true.

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