Friday, August 21, 2009


If a majority professional publisher start to use solutions like Attributor to monetize their content, it would be at the cost of lost prolificity in blogosphere, twitterscape and the like. Today, anyone with an internet connection and an opinion can go to town for free, re-linking to their sources without fear of having a fee slapped on them for their trouble. It seems to be fair to everyone, only attributions that result in search engine rankings at par or better than the orginial source shoud be paying (if at all).

The no-name blog that shows up on page 30 of search results is noise that no one is hearing anyways - to that extent their attributions have little meaning. They should probably just be allowed to add their two cents for free. This would give the little people who feel empowered today with blogs and tweets as their vehicle for communicating ideas to continue to enjoy that freedom.

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