Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tweeted Wit

For anyone who has wondered what Twitter is good for, here is a fine example of where it makes perfect sense. One guy just writes down "shit my dad says" and it makes for hilarious reading already and is ony over a couple of dozen tweets as of this writing. If he is able to keep the pace up and his dad continues to deliver, his following should go through the roof. As I read the tweets, I found myself thinking what a perfect vehicle this might be for capturing the wit and wisdom of those who can keep it short, sweet and memorable.

Some kids will say the darndest things all the time - Twitter is for their parents. Bits of overheard conversations tweeted can be fun following if done well. Twitter Novels have already been around - whodunits seem like they might be the best fit for this kind of delivery.


tearsndreams said...

If you liked that, check this out.
Way better than twitter! And you don't have to "follow" some one :-)

On an unrelated note, would you know anyone in Delhi/NCR looking to hire an analytics person with expertise in SAS and cross sectional and time series modeling *feel free to ignore this part, it was a long shot in any case :-)*

Heartcrossings said...

tearsndreams - thanks for the link. I'll check it out. The client I am consulting for needs exactly those skills unfortunately I don't know of anyone in Delhi who needs them...