Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life Log

The comments on this Techcrunch article about LIFEmee are not very kind. The idea of publishing your whole life on-line to "passionately strive towards your hopes and dreams while helping you monitor all aspects of your life" is clearly a hard one to sell. If you spend all that time online you don't get a chance to "live" the life in question. That and the lack of separation between public and private spaces does seem to deter the would be user somewhat.

However, there can be some interesting applications if enough people do sign up. Say I dream to achieve a specific goal ten years out and I have a certain profile (background, qualifications and a life experiences). If there is enough historical data, LIFEmee may be able to predict with high degree of accuracy if one such as myself will be able to achieve what I want to by when I want to.

This is not a lot different from those retirement planning calculators that analyze the customers goals versus their current financial situation to give them a plan to reach where they want to when to want to. You move some of the input drivers around to get a very different read on the output. Instead of discrete numeric data, something like LIFEmee would be dealing with somewhat more fuzzy and intangible.

Maybe it could advise an user on the probability of being successful in their long term goals and what if other alternative targets they could be more likely to hit. Assistance could also come in the form of informing the user what others did to get where they did. Obviously, the quality, quantity and completeness of data would determine how accurate they could be - needless to say, users would need to be truthful in entering and updating their information over time.

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