Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trying Green

To use this amazingly cool CD spindle bagel holder, I am nearly tempted to empty out the one I have at home and buy some bagels while. The only problem is the plastic - food grade or not, I try very hard for J and I not to eat food I cook out of plastic containers.Not nearly as utilitarian but, Offbeat Earth has some very artistic ideas on reusing books. A CD spindle idea turns something headed for trash into something you can carry your lunch in. The book reuse ideas as pretty as they are are a pitiful way to get rid of a book.

While I reuse and recycle things around the house as a matter of course - it was the way we were raised in India. I could not waste wantonly even if I wanted to. Then there is the over-zealous J unplugging everything in sight because she has learned in school that it saves electricity to do so.With the weather bouncing between warm and chilly, I am tempted to keep the thermostat set slightly higher but J will point out that I can stay warm if  I "dressed in layers" and used a "bunch of blankets" - just as she does. Talk about leading by example. Her withering disapproval about wasting energy, is enough to make me contrite about wanting to dress comfortably in cool weather. If there is water leaking for five seconds from an unattended faucet, J will swoop down to shut it.

I have to run the CD spindle and the book reuse ideas by her and see how she reacts.

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