Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trip Maker

One of my least favorite things to do is to plan for travel. It was not always this way. As a child, I could spend days going over maps and travel itineraries before a family vacation. Then there was the joy of counting down the days left before we left. After becoming the responsible adult and head of household no less (as I had been for close to ten years now), planning for travel turned stressful and irksome. It took some extremely determined friends to drag me out of the house, force me out of inertia and on a trip. I enjoyed traveling that way because I had nothing to worry about except being physically present.

The Explore feature on Kayak is a wonderful concept and a step in the right direction for one such as myself. In addition to showing me options in destinations for my budget, choice of activities etc, it would be great if I could get hotel availability, suggested itineraries based on my interests - in general a higher degree of aggregation and consolidation. In the ideal world, I would look at my options and select one and magically I would be all set for the trip. This is possibly the next best thing to the idea choosing a vacation destination by throwing a dart on a map while blindfolded.

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