Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heart's Traverse

January is usually the month, I clean up my Inboxes. This year I have been tardy. This short verse was written in 2004. There are no notes to indicate who and what prompted this. So many years later, I cannot even hazard a guess. Clearly, this is not a road I will be coming down again. There was something bitter-sweet in that realization.
Of all places that you and I will never
be together, the traverse to your heart
will be the most rued. From the summit
of joy to the death valley of gloom there
was a path that led there. You never
told me , I never asked to know. If I ever
come visiting, it will be down that road.

This other one written in 2005 is much easier to decipher. No, this one I have not forgotten - at least not as yet. Yet reading it bring back no memories good or bad. It is like remembering the receptacle and not its contents.

Greetings to you my Medusan muse !
I see your youth reflected in another
who like you is not mine or even meant to be.
He of burnished copper skin, dreamy eyes.
A smile that winnows gloom out of my day
Were you like him once ?
I think  you shear away the wild, unstoppable you
when you trade those luscious locks for a buzz.
You let your words drizzle out like acid pellets
gouging a good earth longing to give.
You said you would move heaven and earth to
be with the one for you. I was she – we both know it.
Yet sea foam did not reach for the planets.
The drooping shell of you  merely walked away.

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good one.