Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tween Think

For a while now, J has been consumed by a certain game on her iPod Touch. I have seen such things come and go in her life and have been waiting as patiently as I am able for this rather irritating one to pass. 
Deliverance came about in an unexpected way. For two weeks now J has been on a reading spree. The books in question are several sets of quartets that can be read as independent stories or as a mega-epic. Any time she has to herself she is reading one of these things. Used to be any time she had, she played that nonsensical game that drove me nuts. 
It turns out that a buddy of J's had told her about a hack for said game. It allowed the game to play in an endless loop without user interaction and scored a theoretically infinite number of points on their behalf. I was intrigued by this whole arrangement that J seemed to find extremely satisfactory.
I thought the point of playing the game was to engage with it and win. J explained that it was scoring the points that really mattered and now that she had figured out a way to do that without "wasting" her time, she was able to "do things that are more fun". She no longer needed to compete with friends who scored more than her. 
Who would have guessed that playing that game was a chore she was relieved not to have to perform any more. I shared this piece of information with DB and he was just as bemused as I was by her logic. I don't suppose either of us have the ability to understand the tween mind.


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I see it as a positive step towards growth and creativity that she has tired of it.

Hope said...

Seriously, it's amazing to see how tween mind works. Keep sharing your experiences. It may help the up-comers like us :)
Also, why don't you enable comment moderation to shrug off the spams that fill your comment wall? Just a suggestion.

Take Care

Heartcrossings said...

Swapna, Swati - Thanks for stopping by ! I love writing about J because it is my way to preserve my memories :) Thanks for the comment moderation suggestion - I have turned that on now.