Sunday, March 23, 2014

One App Too Many

Interesting article on connected devices and apps to solve problems that never existed before. The example the author uses is one of a smart toothbrush connected to an app that is analyzing and gamifying your tooth brushing experience. It does quite a bit though I am not sure why anyone would care about weather updates while cleaning their teeth.
helping users to know if they are brushing too hard or if it’s time to brush another area of their mouth. If that’s not enough, the new Oral-B connected toothbrush experience also suggests nearby dentists for you, gamifies teeth cleaning, and even provides weather updates. 
Maybe we can produce data to demonstrate our good dental hygiene habits and have dentists provide us a discount on routine cleaning services. One of many examples of being able to create new product and solutions that may or may not lead to a customer base. 

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