Monday, March 24, 2014


Some time last year, I encouraged J to start checking out make-up videos on YouTube so she learned from those who did it well. I never had the patience for it myself but I do want J to be proficient so I outsourced the job to YouTube. I wanted her to see enough options so she was identify a style that she likes best. J got into this project with great enthusiasm and has learned a few things. 

Reading this WSJ article about the trend of cocktailing was interesting. If the lessons in make-up are being crowd-scourced, it would make sense that the products will be a mixed bag with no particular brand affiliation. When a regimen is not passed down from mother to daughter, there is no tradition to uphold - the situation is ripe for chaos and disruption. Those of us who have a super basic routine are getting squeezed out in the fray. We don't wants things changed and innovated on us but that's like asking Ford to continue rolling out the Model T while the world is moving on to Tesla.

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