Saturday, April 05, 2014

Wrong Cause

A little conflicted by this story about middle school girls picketing for their right to wear leggings to school. The school's rationale for not allowing it is pretty bizarre and primitive. However, there is the question of the school's right to prescribe and enforce a dress code for students. This is something kids will encounter as adults in the workplace anyway. There is a difference between letting kids be kids and preparing them for life. I am not sure winning the right to wear leggings to school is serving either of those goals. 

Needless to say, the energy being wasted on this could be better used advocating for a right to better education and more extra curricular activities in the school. While the kids (and presumably their parents) have the media attention, these would be worthy issues to draw public attention to. Instead of fighting the dress code, they could seek corporate sponsorship for lab equipment, art supplies and musical instruments. 

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