Friday, April 04, 2014

Meandering Path

This past weekend, J spent a very happy afternoon testing several designs for a bottle rocket connected to a parachute. They are just beginning to learn physics and the ability to test concepts with stuff readily available at home seems to have her excited. They way she likes to learn science and math has been a little confusing to me. She can go in-depth into something that interests her and largely skip topics that do not. Its no different than choosing some books to devour in a day and leave some unread for months. 

I don't see her way of learning map to a traditional STEM career ( if that is what she is wants). Reading this article about women in alternative almost bespoke STEM careers was very useful for me along with the words of caution that conclude it  “Interdisciplinary career paths are easier to create than they are to sustain, because there is not an established career trajectory and evaluation system.”

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