Foreign Policy and Metrosexuality

Most men I have been in relationships with were big on geo-politics, the effect never quite rubbed off on to me. Like most things I know I cannot change I do not care too much about. Nebulas and G-7 summits are in the same league in my scheme of things. I'd much rather care about trends in IT management, Gartner hype-cycles and what all of that means to my career. And when I finally have the time go to a good school for a degree in Fine Arts. That's the short and long term focus of my life and my ant's world view. Parochial but effective I believe. However, reading about metrosexuality in the context of polity got me interested enough to go through the whole article


Anonymous said…
Lo and behold, I, your reader, a man and arguably big on geo-politics (School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)! It never rains but pours!

P.S.:The article hyperlink has the FP home page. Probably the correct link is this:

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