Friday, June 17, 2005

Armchair Traveling

It's been a while since I went further than a fifty mile radius of home unless a change of job necessitated the move. Relocation is a whole different enchilada. The thrill of seeing a new place is lost in the chaos of apartment and daycare hunting, adjusting to a new workplace and getting to know the neighborhood well enough for life's mundane needs. While change of place has been a constant theme in my life the last several years travel for pleasure has been almost completely absent.

I make up for my loss by reading accounts of those who have been more fortunate. I like that I can escape to the Silk Route or Siberia. The connection with a blogger updating experiences on the road near real time is far superior to that of any other medium I am familiar with - a well crafted documentary or a travelogue for instance. I feel like my wanderlust is satisfied a little even when I cannot quite be vagabonding off to Petra like my heart craves to.

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