Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Picture And Narrative

This line from the Wired story on Bush's potty break note was interesting even outside the context of the story itself

"At issue here is not pixels but context; it's not the manipulation of the image that makes it true or false, but whether we buy the narrative being created by the person selecting the picture for our attention."

A picture in the raw no longer speaks a thousand work. It's pixels are tweaked and coaxed until it tells the story the photographer would have it tell the viewer. Very unlike an image formed by a pin-hole camera. The moment along with it's faulty narrative is captured unblemished - the simple truth is told without adornment.

Someone I know had an eye-lift done recently. She naturally looks years younger, but the old laughter lines are gone. Those of us who have seen her eyes twinkle when she smiled would miss that about her new unlined face. Her face no longer tells the story of the person she really is. Depleted of old memories, it now needs a new narrative.

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