Monday, August 28, 2006

Familiar Number

The number in her caller-id stirred something in memory hard to grasp or recall but there was no mistaking the voice.

"Did you miss me ?" he asked like they had not spoken in the past few days instead of a whole year.

"I didn't know I was supposed to or I'd have tried to be dead on a vine pining for you" Sheila replied. Only MJ would have the nerve to irrupt into her life and lay claim on everything like nothing had changed.

It was his chutzpah that she had found so attractive - a man who reveled in the effect he had on women. "We had such great chemistry and I really did like you. Why did you have us drift apart ?" he asked.

"Because I was overwhelmed by the chemistry and did not think there was any potential for a serious relationship" she replied.

"Why do they have to be exclusive ? You want to spend your life with someone your body does not crave for ?" MJ asked sounding perplexed at her reasoning.

"I don't have to be with someone that my body craves for like you put it. And between us I think the feeling was quite mutual" Sheila said miffed at his depiction of her need.

"Aw come on now babe, don't get all defensive. Of course all I could think how you'd feel making love to. Loved the way your maroon sweater slipped and your bra was strapless. But admit it, your body was begging to be taken too - I could smell it" MJ teased her.

"You could smell it ?" she asked wondering about the slipping sweater. When had that happened ?

"Sure. A woman's body smells different when she wants it. I did smell your lovely perfume too" MJ said.

"Do you remember the name ?" she asked feeling nostalgic about their meeting despite herself. He had smelt nice too but she had not asked him what it was.

"Carolina Herrera 212 - works wonders for you" he answered without missing a beat.

"I have to hand it to you MJ, you are good with women. If I ever get interested in a one night stand I have the number to call" Sheila said.

"You mean like a booty call ?" MJ asked.

"Yes. You have a problem with those ?" she asked.

"Not at all. Totally love them. Specially when they come from someone as attractive as you. But seriously Shell, its not often that I feel so completely connected with a woman - physically and emotionally. I've been with a lot of hot women but its all over after we have had sex. I can't bear to stay - it feels all so pointless" MJ said.

"Been there, done that MJ. That's not a very original pick-up line. Please don't insult my intelligence" Sheila replied, her voice bristling with annoyance.

"You honestly think I need lines to pick up a woman five states away when Manhattan is ten minutes from me ?" MJ asked incredulously.

"You're just jaded from a year of one night stands and hook-ups. I am like a grapefruit soup that cleanses the palate. A few weeks of talking to me will rev you up for another year of fun and games" Sheila said testily.

"Since when have you become an armchair shrink ? Is this what men have driven you to since I was away ?" MJ was laughing uncontrollably.Before she could respond to that he said "So anyways, since you are the only woman in the world who has me all figured out we should get serious. When can we meet ?"

Sheila was amazed at the nerve "What makes you think that you can come in and out of my life at will ?" she asked sharply.

"Are you denying that you find me attractive ?" he asked.

"I am not. But I will not be available for your pleasure at your whim" she said.

"Ah ! my pleasure and whim. Now, were treading dangerous ground. Do you want me to tell you all about the long nights I spent alone wishing you were in my arms ?"he asked.

"For that I just have to watch a porn flick. What's to ask. I don't recall imagination as being one of your strong suits." Sheila snapped back.

"Come on, Shell. Quit being so difficult. You are the one that walked away from a perfectly good thing. Here I am back asking for a second chance for us and all you do is be nasty to me" MJ said half-pleadingly.

"If you last more than a month this time around, I'll consider your case" Sheila said with resignation in her voice.

"So tell me, did you miss me too ? Were you seeing other guys ? Are you seeing anyone now ?" he asked.

"Why don't you tell me about you first ?" she asked in return.

"Sure there have been women, you know me. But nothing for the long haul. I have a date this weekend." he replied promptly.

"Do you have the same effect you had on me on most women ?" Sheila asked curiously.

"Yes, specially when the attraction is mutual like it was with you." he replied.

"I have to admit I have not felt anything even close with another man" Sheila admitted.

"I know. It's very exceptional for me too. I've not forgotten for a minute since" MJ said.

"So what happens if you are not attracted to the woman but she is. Has that happened too ?" Sheila asked.

"Sometimes it has. I can't walk away because that would insult her." he said matter of factly.

"Welcome to the golden age of chivalry, MJ-style. No woman left behind" Sheila commented caustically.

"Actually, I do enjoy the rear entry position with most women. So you are right, with MJ no woman is left behind." he chuckled. "Let's talk some more, babe. Who knows you and I maybe meant to be together. I loved chatting with you as always. I'll catch up with you soon. I got to go now. Dream about me tonight, doll." he added. Listening to the phone click was much harder than she had imagined.



MotoRama said...

Very Engrossing!I love the style..sounds genuine(true or fictional)! I think i have blog-hopped into ur site long ago..not sure! Nevetheless good to bump in here!

Heartcrossings said...

Thanks for stopping by, Motorama. Glad you enjoyed reading it :)

SFGary said...

Excellent piece, again. I know I asked before, is this fiction or real? if real I gotta meet this Shiela woman just to tell her this guy is strictly a one nighter and not to build any castles.

Heartcrossings said...

SFG - Isn't a lot of fiction based on reality :)Totally agree about the dude being "strictly a one nighter"