Fact Or Fiction

The Onion story about outsourced daycare fits in nicely with this eco-cradle. While I am all about being green, tucking baby away in a cardboard box even it costs $65 feels only a little less bizarre than shipping them way via USPS.

As you chuckle at the Onion video, you think about what does happen in real life. A working couple or a single mother swaddles up her two month old and packs a bag full of clothes, diapers and bottles of pre-expressed breast milk to leave baby at a daycare center for eight to ten hours. They could either do that, miss the best part of their baby's babyhood, continue to pay the bills and fulfill the dream of parenthood or flirt dangerously with poverty by trying to get by on one income.

For the single mother the later is not even an option. A lot of women choose to delay parenthood until they can afford to take time off and still not compromise their quality of life. By when they are ready, motherhood might have passed them by.Parenting is already near-sourced today so Onion is only taking the logical next step by Bangaloring the service.

Sometimes real life seems to meet satire too close for comfort. It is not much better than being confused between reality and gaming, or for that matter deciding to live your life like it were a work of fiction as one man has decided to do so FBI might take him off their watch-list - he is living the premise of The Truman Show.


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