Friday, September 25, 2009

Sacrifice And Completion

My friend D is always brimming with ideas. Many of these would be "projects" cook in her head for years but never see light of day. We chat about them sometimes, I throw in my two cents on how it get it off the ground, she mulls over it for a bit and then retreats into her comfort zone - that of idea hibernation. A year later, her plans may have evolved even more but it still hasn't become something tangible.

D can get deeply frustrated over her inability to give birth to her babies (as we call them) - the gestation period is as painful as it is interminable. We have often wondered why it is that she can't take the final plunge and end up attributing it to her paralyzing fear of failure. Read this blog the other day where the author talks about the need to make some real sacrifice to create the time in which to finish a project. Giving up food, vacations, TV or whatever it is that is important to you and feels like a big deal going without.

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