Sunday, September 06, 2009

Short List

Assuming the New York sidewalk hotdog is truly the apogee of one of the best things in the world, this long list of things that are even better is actually a pretty good one too. My favorites -

Your firstborn child - Holding J for the very first time is etched in memory. There is no other moment in my life that felt so overwhelmingly powerful or stirring. To this day (and maybe for ever) I can remember exactly how it felt.

Believing in yourself - Finding out that I had the courage to take charge of my life and J's even after having suffered setbacks, having hopes belied. Being able to believe in seconds chances, the inherent goodness in people and learning to be vulnerable without feeling like a victim

A kiss in the rain - The first time that happenend was the day after R (my ex) and I got married. We went visiting my grandparents - a whole bunch of relatives were waiting there to welcome him into our family. After a while, it started to drizzle outside and R asked me if my folks would mind if we went out for a short walk. I said I did not think so. We left quietly, my uncle tried to get us to take an umbrella but we skipped down the stairs too qucikly for him to catch us. The roads were quite deserted that afternoon and at some point he kissed me as rain fell on my face and his. We were a pair of happy conspirators when we turned home happy and drenched.

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Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

I loved your short list. I think the kiss in the rain and your first bundle of joy is truly worth cherishing over and over again. Good times bring happiness, no matter how time flies by.