Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Meaning

Read this analysis of the lyrics of Norwegian Wood and what is says about Lennon made for a fun lunch hour break a few days ago. To think that the words of a song could be taken to mean something so far removed from what a listener may glean from it casually is quite remarkable.

Maybe such is the fate of any piece of art - there is the original intent (if any at all) of the creator , the spin of the punditry and the meaning conveyed to each layperson who comes in to contact with. I will find it hard to listen to this song again without paying attention to the words and the meaning someone has ascribed to them - specially because it is so far removed from anything I would have imagined. In a sense, this song is spoiled for me.

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unpredictable said...

The lyrics of Extreme's 'more than words' is also supposed to be about a guy wanting more than just words from his girl. My world turned a little more gray the day I found out :)