Saturday, October 19, 2013

Signs of Spring

I am sitting in the cafeteria of an art museum with a beautiful view from the walls of glass around me. J is here with with her art teacher to learn about different brush strokes. This place has a lot of memories for me - all very happy ones. There was temple in my home town in India where I liked going to when in need of renewal. This is where I come now. The two places could not be more unlike each other.

Outside a photographer is taking pictures of a family - they are jumping on cue and it takes many tries to get the moment right. Everyone is having fun with it. No lilies in the pond this time of year, the sky is overcast the wild grass is a dreary shade brown. But the smell of coffee and the sound of smooth jazz connects me to moments of renewal past - times when there may or may not have been any outward signs of spring. 

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