Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Full Remediation

We live in interesting times. It is possible to read about cosmetic surgery and up-sell in the same sentence. Client comes in for a liposuction and the doctor asks them if they would like the fat re-cycled. If the answer is yes, they could get a rounder butt along with the flatter tummy. 
As ironic as it probably sounds, the interest may have everything to do with natural beauty.
That is no more ironic than taking a few hours to achieve the no-makeup look. Once we get into the up-sell business with a person's self-image, there is really no end to finding opportunities to do remedial work. If the customer is unable to find "problem" that recycling could solve. a beauty consultant could step in to find a few. So from being in need of a flatter stomach one could go on to needing almost everything fixed - the natural way. While this is clearly good business for the service provider, you have to wonder how it makes the client feel.

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