Monday, March 28, 2005


Chanced upon a travelogue with a difference. I love travel as do a lot of other people. Anyone with a fascinating story set in a far flung country is an immediate object of my fascination. Stands to reason that I would find a personal audio visual account of global travel riveting.

Not having seen the best part of my own country, I loved watching Surabhi on Doordarshan. Those were the pre-cable TV days an innocent and uncomplicated time. Thought the folks on the show had the best job in the world. Getting paid to travel that would be a dream come true for me.


मिर्ची सेठ said...

You might like this too

vikasgupta said...

I too loved Surabhi!

"Innocent and uncomplicated time" is an apt description of the yesteryear!

I used to write many postcards to Surabhi! I like writing postcards and letters! I still buy postcards in bulk and even write to myself!:)

vikasgupta said...

You may watch this video (related to a man travelling and dancing in many countries and places). Where the hell is Matt?! Very famous.