Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bio Modeling and God's Laws

The Forbes gives us the ten laws of the modern world and enough by way of example for to explain the temporal world as we see it around us. A much more pain staking effort to read God's mind appears to the aim of Bio- Modeling

"Even the simplest living organisms perform a mind-boggling array of different processes, which are interconnected in complex ways to ensure that the organism responds appropriately to its environment. One of the best ways of ensuring that we really understand how these processes fit together is to build computer models of them. If a computer model behaves differently than the real organism, we know that we've neglected an important component of the system."

If every distinct process was thus modeled we would have in essence uncovered God's lexicon. Assuming Albert Einstein was right in saying "God does not play dice with the universe" there is then a logical possibility of understanding His laws too.


bleu said...

Assuming Albert Einstein was right is not a good hallmark of scientific thinking.

and its interesting to know that when they realize that the mega-humungus computer model is wrong, they don't know if there is a bad element in the billion things that went into it, or they forgot to include a key ingredient. Seems like hit or miss kinda approach.

There is a wonderful article by Richard Feynman on how to make scientific experiments through an expriment about how rats find their food.

Heartcrossings said...

bluehue - My disclaimer and defense is that I am not known to be of scientific temperament at all. Educational background notwithstanding :-)