Saturday, April 02, 2005

Color Affinities and Imposition

J loves the color blue lately. Before it used to be pink. I am concerned at her change of heart and wonder if there is something on her mind that dictates this change. Being uber sensitive about color, I went ahead and harangued her at length on why blue is a no-no in my book. How happiness and affinity for certain colors are related. She listened quietly as she always does. Later , I googled on blue to see what it is all about…also trying to discover why I don't like almost any shade of it.

All about blue at

Of course at a deeper level I am concerned at her new love for this color because of it's associations with R. He loved it and made me start to like it - almost unconsciously. I had to work myself out of blue and took some effort. That was the thing about R he could cause me to morph without my knowledge. I would know it only after the effect and often that was too late.

I looked up color therapy and took the Lusher's Color Test. It analyzed me pretty good.

Blue could mean different things to different people. It could mean calm, controlled, tranquil and empowered to J and merely depressing to me. I however impose my world view on my little girl like many over-zealous parents do. I justify myself saying I am trying to protect her. Who knows what my real motivations might be..


Chay said...

Calm, serene, the sky...almost any shade of blue is perfect with any shade of white, ever noticed that? Jaipur pottery, the most commonly used ink, blue screen of death...Lollz!! cool, aqua, swimming pools :-))) old curtains. never understood the concept of indigo-neel, or why blue was associated with depression. I love the blues...nothing like a sad soulful voice. blue rules eh?? :-))))))))))) Yeah it does, for some of us!!

El enigma said...

nice blog, HC! :) there is something so elemental about this colour, that I love it too... had written some stuff about my affinity for blue long back...check it out here sometime