Friday, May 06, 2005

Balanced Media Diet

With so much consumable media at our disposal it is only natural that media diet should become a subject of study. One PR exec's recent experiment with blog-only news diet parallels trying to survive on hors de oeuvres alone. At the other extreme trying to read every news paper in the world on-line seems to be the ultra-high carb alternative.

Until recently conventional wisdom dictated that TV should be watched in moderation or better still - not at all. Couch-potato was once synonymous with looser. Not any more. We are being told that TV can make you smarter

Couches outfitted with wheels are now traveling in what appears to be an extreme image make-over exercise.

So what would be a well balanced media-diet ? Help should be on it's way in the form of media dieticians. A perfect pro-am niche. Until then our minds will go through cyclic weight loss and gain as we trudge though the excesses of infotainment trying to contain our desire to know more, know a little about everything, keep up with world events, popular culture and everything else in between.

We would veer giddily from high-carb to no carb, all fruit and no water, ovo-lacto vegetarianism to find the one silver bullet of a diet that will keep us in sane mental health.


bleu said...
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bleu said...

nice blog.

the line about the couch was just to proovide an extra link? :)

Here is one of my favorite Jon Stewart pieces on Conventional Wisdom.

Heartcrossings said...

BH :-)

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