Friday, July 29, 2005

Famously Lost

Until a few hours ago, I had thought that few could get as lost as I can in a new city. One time it took me four hours to drive from the airport to a downtown hotel - the distance was less than 15 miles. My reputation for being directionally challenged travels ahead of me and friends are more than generous in their expectations of when I may be able to make it to my destination.

In context of some unrelated discussion today, L said she had never been to DC though they had lived two hours away from there for years. Nothing remarkable about that but she added "Except for that one time my husband, and the two kids ended up in Washington DC by mistake." Now that was intriguing - to end up in a whole different city inadvertently is more than I can claim to have done.

Apparently, they had just moved to Richmond and the pet fish were sick from travel. She asked her husband to swing by the neighborhood Petsmart for some supplies. Apparently, he missed the exit and wound up on the freeway and from there to another and to cut a long story short in a few hours he was very seriously lost and in the middle of DC. Being a man he did not care to carry a map or condescend to ask for directions trusting instead his directional instincts to find his way around.

It was about three hours before L called him to see how much longer he planned on exploring Richmond while she slaved away alone unpacking. He told her where he was and that he was trying to head back home. It was five hours before he returned. Now, to go out for pet supplies in the neighborhood and end up in a whole different state a couple of hours away is a feat I am yet to equal. I have been humbled today.

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Steve said...

This is a good one. Funy how people can do that. My step-mother gets seriously lost in a shopping mall. It's been scary a few times.