Friday, July 22, 2005

Popping Babies

J's best buddy Ryan has given her a crash course on human reproduction. J was gracious enough to share her new found knowledge with me last evening as I cleaned up in the kitchen after dinner.

"Mommy, they took Ryan's Mommy to the emergency room and popped out the two babies stuck in her tummy" she said to me in the course of recounting the events of the day.

"I wonder how they popped those babies out" I asked her in all seriousness.

"Well, the doctor opened her tummy, popped the babies out and put her tummy back in " she says making Ryan's Mommy sound like one of those egg laying clockwork toy hens. I burst out laughing.

"Do you think it hurt a lot when they popped the two babies out ?" I ask her.

Obviously Ryan did not have anything to say on the subject of pain fascinated as he has been with the fact that his Mommy popped out two live babies from her tummy. J had not even thought about pain.

"How do you think the babies got into her tummy ?" I ask J

"Oh, they just got into her tummy and Ryan's Dad had to take her to the emergency room to pop them out" J declares confidently making it sound like a minor and easily fixable glitch. J had been to the emergency room once when she got a bead stuck up her nose and the doctor had to "pop" it out in the manner of the said babies. I am not surprised that J is able to make the "pop" connection.

Now that is the best description I have heard of an accidental pregnancy brought about by carelessness, broken rubber, forgotten morning after pill or combination. I could not stop laughing and J looked at me quizzically unable to see anything funny about it.

When these kids notice Mommies all around "popping" babies Ryan's Mommy will cease to be exclusive but until then she has them quite enthralled. I am relieved J does not want me start popping babies myself to equal her accomplishment. Kids tend to be very competitive.

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