Thursday, July 07, 2005

Translated Poetry

I was not familiar with the name Patricia Boneo until I read this lovely translation of a poem by this poet. The Google verbatim translation of the original leaves much to be desired - obviously.

How I wish I could read and understand the original and not have to loose anything to translation. Yet just knowing the language may not be enough - it must take a complete cultural immersion to be able to emote like the native.

In all the languages that I will never know and all of the cultures that will remain alien to me, I would have not known as many ways to express myself or understand another's expression. The sheer magnitude of my loss is humbling.


I'm afraid I've a premonition:
You would come back,
Invade me, destroy me
And then go away.

I see your betrayal
When you come to me,
You make my soul restless,
And I pray for protection.

You do not know me,
My soul is full of grief,
That's why I cry.

Would you go away

And hurt me no more.

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