Monday, September 19, 2005

An Immigrant's Tale

H my buddy who also happens to be a recruiter has been following my immigration woes with much trepidation. With the latest round of bad news on the green card front she has turned match-maker with vengeance.

Her considerable network is humming at this time with the news of a very eligible Indian single mom who in her words "is a prize catch!" I tell her to tone down the rhetoric. She says "Its okay to market some. After all I BS not !"

Someone I know in Vancouver has taken the opportunity to propose that we get serious about our "relationship" ( I did not know that we were actually in one even approximately) and consider immigrating to Canada post haste.

When I hear about the ungodly salaries of my friends in India, I am very motivated to return. I have long missed the luxury of a domestic help and a chauffeur. With thoughts turning to Mom's cooking I almost experience an epiphany.

Immigration is a life changing decision in itself. In America, along the long and arduous road to achieving permanent residency, a slew of other events are set in motion.

I have no idea where I will end up being in the next few years but the journey from where I am today to that place and time will most likely be propelled by forces totally out of my control.

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