Saturday, October 15, 2005

Poetry At Work

The power of poetry in the workplace is a persuasive argument. A reasoning is similar to how taking dance lessons as a child gives one a graceful gait even into adulthood - the aim is not to be a dancer but to be graceful. Likewise, the love of poetry is a thing of the early, impressionable years that stays for life.

Making a poetry lover of an "untuned" adult could be difficult but not impossible. Any non-dancer who has signed up for Salsa lessons in their thirties would appreciate the seriousness of the challenge. Just like greater physical grace , higher emotional intelligence could never hurt.

I look forward to the time when CXOs consider reading Neruda, Eliot and Yeats de-rigueur when they address the troops. The workplace will becoming infinitely more interesting not to mention humane. Until then there is business-ese.

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