Monday, November 28, 2005

Ignorance Was Bliss

Found an excellent best-ever list of products for the discerning freeware user I hope to become as the result of my discovery.The techie down the hall has put the fear of God in me after I described the peculiar malfunctioning of my laptop to him hoping he'd know the fix.

As he unfolded one doomsday scenario after another, it seemed my safest bet was to pitch the piece of junk into the trash compactor. There was no hope for me unless I abandoned Windows and embraced the Mac. "You actually check your bank account online on that thing ?" he asked in genuine astonishment. "I'd be very very concerned about the safety of your data" he added gravely.

I wished I had remained ignorant and blissful because I don't think I am cut out for a Mac. Anyone can do Windows but Macs are different


Teri said...

I work on both, and I know that not everything I create on PC translates to Mac. I prefer Sony P.C.'s matter what snooty associates say (or my brother). So don't despair, I swear by all of my Sonys (3-desktop, 2-laptops)...check them out. Local Costco sometimes has the best deal. And no I'm not affiliated with Sony, I just appreciate a user-freindly, no maintenance life.

On another subject, I love your site, and I will be back. Come visit me if you feel like a laugh or two. I post an article a week. My site is

Most recent post is "Can I watch?" and its about the pets in our lives. Lively discussion going on. I would love you to weigh in, as I love it when smart women join in the fun.

Ciao for now...and remember, Happy Women Unite!


Heartcrossings said...

Hey Teri,

Thanks for stopping by. Liked your blog too. Will visit again. I have a Sony too - love it for the aesthetics. The techies will cringe at that surely :)

Teri said...

They can "cringe" all they like, as they stand in line at the Mac repair shop!!

Thanks for stopping by...I left you a note on my site and referred you to another site you may enjoy.

Ciao for now...Happy Women Unite!