Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sleeping Well

A few years ago, I mentioned having difficulty sleeping to my doctor. She asked a few questions and before I knew she had prescribed me a "mild" anti-depressant and a sleep medicine. Seeing my reaction she said I could take Tylenol PM instead of the sleep med - everyday if required.

My need for good sleep turned out to be lesser than my fear of mind altering drugs - I "lost" the prescription after I read up about the medicines in question on WebMd. In time, my sleep pattern returned to normal on its own. Until that happened, I did worry if I was doing myself irreparable harm by ignoring medical advise and letting things run their natural course.

It seemed to me that importance of eight hours of sleep was enough to warrant rather extreme measures when it may turn out that "the eight-hour mantra may have no more scientific basis than the tooth-fairy"


ggop said...

Glad you "lost" the prescription. I find when I exercise consistently I can get by on < 7 hours sleep.

Heartcrossings said...

gg - You're right about exercise. Do you also go through phases of consistence and impossible to shake off inertia as far as exercising ?