Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Out Of The Woodwork

Fun little IM conversation at work :

C : Yo
Me : Yoda
C : time for a quick ?
Me : sure
C : who in X team is on point to work with our crew on the production incident with the Y app on Z platform ?
Me : B mainly but there is a whole slew of people that want status every minute
C : very interesting...
Me : why ?
C : because when I met with them to discuss the impacts to their apps due to changes in our architecture everyone in the room was kicking and screaming that they did not own the Y app on Z platform – not now, not ever.
Me : typical of X team. Toss the hot potato around to see who'll catch it and then make it their baby
C : so I figured I'd check with you to see if the prod incident had shaken someone out of the woodwork ;)
Me: it sure it. it shook out a whole army. Let me fwd you the latest on the incident email thread so you have all the names.
C : sweetness. That would be perfect !

Lesson Learnt : There is nothing like a major snafu and a lot of executive attention to bring reluctant application owners out of the woodwork and acknowledge their part in the causing it.

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