Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dinner Tab

Independent women could precipitate a breakup just by picking up the dinner tab while out on a date. I have paid for lunch refusing to go dutch because I find that particularly déclassé in the context of dating. It has made men uncomfortable specially when they've had a drink or two and I have not. It does not help that they get to buy tickets to a movie or concert afterward. I have been called a sugar-mama in jest.

If I am proud to be independent and not in need of a male crutch to support or justify my existence, I should not hesitate to pay for a few things during time spent together, specially when the man has expended considerable time and money to begin with. Paying for a couple of beers and a pizza at that point is no more than a token of appreciation for his efforts. Any man who claims he is comfortable and is in fact attracted to independent women, should appreciate that she actually walks the talk.

Apparently,commonsense or logical reasoning is redundant when is comes to relationships. Needless to say, in my experience those dates have not gone anywhere meaningful so there may actually be a high correlation between whose card gets swiped at the end of the dinner and the future of the relationship itself.

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