Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not Floorable

J's current best buddy, Bryce calls her Dora. I had no idea who or what Dora is and had to google to find out.

Turns out she is "Dora the Explorer, a problem solver who doesn't give up when faced with obstacles, is an adventurer whose curiosity and spirit lead her to explore the world". Wonder what Bryce had in mind when he gave J that nickname.

Miss A is teaching the kids rhyming words these days. Bryce has put his lessons to good use and teases J saying "Dora on the floor-a" I take it that the other kids find this hilarious.

"I don't want to be Dora on the floor-a" J tells me one evening as we have dinner.

"He's just teasing you. Just ignore him" I suggest.

"But I don't want him to say that to me" she insists. Clearly lack of empowerment is the issue at hand. J was quite okay being Dora but not a Dora that falls on the floor.

"Then we have to find a way to make him stop saying that to you" I say wondering how.

She is waiting expectantly for me to come up with the magic answer. The stress is telling on me. I take the path of least resistance and imagination.

"The next time he says that to you, you can tell him 'Bryce go eat rice'" I tell her.

She is doubled up with laughter at this. I remind her never to strike first. "Do not say that to Bryce unless he says Dora on the floor-a first"

I guess with rhyming being in the air, J may be under attack from other poet minstrels around her. "If anyone says anything to you that upsets you, come home and tell Mommy about it. We'll figure out a way to make them stop. As you grow older, things like this will bother you less. You will see that it's fun to laugh along with everyone else."

J's face is shining bright and happy. She does not feel like a hapless victim anymore. She got her turn to rhyme the very next day. Bryce has not talked about Dora being on the floor since.

I have no idea if I have taught her the right lesson. To make up for my somewhat questionable mothering, I will take J around this lovely children's poetry site I found so she knows the difference between verse and worse.

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