Friday, July 15, 2011

The Rain Came

When rain splashes on my head
I don’t run for cover.
It is not what I do in rain.
I soak in it, let the damp
seep into my bones.
I need the cleansing
The chill shakes me out,
giving many lost years back
to redo as I might in hindsight.

Pair later or not at all,
have my worldly goods fill
no more than a backpack,
travel where my heart took me,

make love and friends on the way.
There is the matter of motherhood.
A dream that chased after me
furiously – had every baby
coo, gurgle and smile at me,
rush into my harboring arms
like they had come home
where they belonged.
And each time, there was
a dull ache in my empty womb
that had to be filled 
with life and purpose.
Then the rain came
and with it three men.
The first with an umbrella and embrace
The second with the first kiss of my life
The third with remonstrance for getting wet.


Prateek said...

Wonderful poetry with different sinking expressions.

sakshi said...

nice is expressed succinctly!!

Ananya said...


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