Thursday, March 27, 2014


I make it a point to say "Yes" to any movie J and her best friend want to watch that's based on a best-selling Young Adult novel. It is a quick and lazy way for me to understand the kids a little bit better. Most recently we watched Divergent. Dystopia seems to draw this crowd. Brave New World meets 1984 meets The Handmaid's Tale minus adult content and plot and character complexity - that is Divergent. The caste system is our friend as always - its a great way to find the trouble makers who will then introduce chaos into thus sterile world. 

I noted that the girl in the lead role is able to fight the strongest men but still fits the delicate, feminine ideal and does need a lot of rescuing. A little bit of a mixed message to our girls - they can be tough and fight like boys but the ideal of feminine beauty remains constant. One would imagine, a girl in a non-traditional role, that of a fierce and fearless fighter may actually look the part. And that she would be able to fend for herself in crisis. 

This Slate article takes a crack at explaining why dystopia is so popular with youth.

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