Thursday, April 03, 2014

Rainy Afternoon

It had been raining for two days in a row as I wrote this. By now the crepe myrtles in my yard would have been in full bloom but the weather has them confused. After waiting for warmth and sun for weeks, the buds opened up briefly only for the flowers to die. The weather had me feeling blue and sometimes the best fix for it is music. Songza with all the technology to pick music that fit the local weather conditions did not do nearly as much for me as this album by Yasmine Hamdan

As it stands now, Songza uses the day, time, device type, your location, and your past behavior to deliver you expertly curated, human-made music playlists to match your mood and activity. Today, for the first time, the app will also pull in weather information to build more context around what you might want to listen to.
For example, just because you're in Miami and near the beach, it doesn't mean you're in a sun-shiny mood. What if it's raining? Maybe the rain makes you more angsty?
Songza got me feeling worse by pushing mom friendly soft rock ( is that even a thing ? ) that sounded like the washed out and defeated version of classic rock. Maybe the next level of refinement will be angst relieving music for suburban moms who don't shop at Sam's or Cosco's. They could call it outlier mom friendly angst relief soft rock for a rainy afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Maybe they are creating new genres of music. :D